The Painted Rule

A discovery, a secret plot, and a murder.

“The Painted Rule” spins a web of intangible lies so thick that it looks like there will be no end to the unjust treatment of Maxar’s Radjn people by its ruling race, the Jins. Though the planet had been previously hidden from view of the Galactic Guild of Enforcement somehow, that chicanery seems to have been removed. A tale out of history warned that one day the planet would play host to an outside race arriving from the skies and while the majority of the people dismiss such an idea, they are about to have a rude awakening.

The series provides the link between the events depicted in “The Child of Time” and the history of the Guild presented in “The Gaian Wars.”

The Falling Rain

A trio of friends runs a secret rebellion on Maxar. On the cusp of succeeding, humans arrive – and the resulting chaos leaves only one of them to bring a corrupt government down.

A Traitor Amidst

In a moment of triumph, Maxar’s oppressive government is toppled. Reunited, the trio of friends celebrates their success, but it is short-lived. They find out the humans interfered – and that they are under arrest.


An inside-out sock sends Gand, a Guild Investigator, into spiraling paranoia. The path they take to find out how the laundry got messed up ties all the prior stories together.

Character Looks

Some people who look like what I see as I write.