The Gaian Wars

We couldn’t find other civilizations, so they found us.

“The Gaian Wars” cover a turning point in the future history of humanity: as the descendents of the now-destroyed planet Earth, calling themselves ‘Terrans,’ have spread out across the galaxy they have become fractured and disorganized. Many groups of planets are inhabited, but they cluster together and fight in horrific battles over territory. The only people able to see past cultural differences are the smugglers, who are only concerned with the day’s profit.

That is, of course, until one smuggling group discovers an unsettling threat to all of them that cannot be ignored for profit’s sake...

A Culmination of Effort

“A Culmination of Effort” details how humanity has expanded into space but has not banded together - instead engaging in bitter conflicts and isolating themselves on a few planets. The crew of a smuggling ship, the Verellex, discovers another race of beings with a plot to enslave Terran society. Using incredible mind powers, the other race has infiltrated the governments of the Terran planets and is already close to achieving their goal. The smugglers of the Verellex must convince the other groups to help warn humanity and urge cooperation even though a lack of cohesion is what makes their business so profitable.

Gaian Infiltration

The events of “Gaian Infiltration” see the Verellex set out to expose the Gaian imposters in the various planetary governments and convince humanity to unite in fighting the threat. The Gaians prove to be formidable opponents, incredibly adept at altering their plans and utilizing bad situations to their advantage. With their governments reticent to try working together, time is running out for humanity. The crew of the Verellex, desperate to avoid enslavement, gamble their lives in a last-ditch effort to sway Terran emotions.

Guild Formation

In “Guild Formation,” humanity reels from shocking news that threatens their freedom. The various planets all agree to end any hostilities and come together in order to defeat the Gaians. The Gaians begin actual attacks and it looks like the they will prevail. When the Terrans learn that the threat originates in the Horsehead Nebula, they set off for a final confrontation there – they must succeed for humanity to join back together and overcome the danger.

Character Looks

Some people who look like what I see as I write.