The Gaian Wars

We couldn’t find other civilizations, so they found us.

“The Gaian Wars” cover a turning point in the future history of humanity: as the descendents of the now-destroyed planet Earth, have spread out across the galaxy they have become fractured and disorganized. Many groups of planets are inhabited, but they cluster together and fight in horrific battles over territory. The only people able to see past cultural differences are the smugglers, who are only concerned with the day’s profit.

That is, of course, until one smuggling group discovers an unsettling threat to all of them that cannot be ignored for profit’s sake...

A Culmination of Effort

Smugglers discover that planetary governments are being infiltrated by a group of beings who seek to enslave humans. They must convince humanity to work together – even though it would mean the end of their business.

Gaian Infiltration

The planetary governments refuse to cooperate, dismissing threats of enslavement by outsiders. The smugglers must gamble their lives to obtain convincing evidence – or lose their freedom, too.

Guild Formation

Humanity must find a way to defeat the invaders or become slaves. The smugglers may have a way to subvert them – but the governments still won’t cooperate and time is running out.

Character Looks

Some people who look like what I see as I write.