The Child of Time

Not everything is as it seems on Maxar.

“The Child of Time” takes place on the planet Maxar, home to some human-like inhabitants and kingdoms similar to those out of history. The series gets its name from a prophesied hero, but nobody fits the oddly specific requirements. While there are no fantastical creatures like dragons or elves, some of Maxar’s people can tap into a planetary energy to enhance themselves ... but it’s not magic.

Injury of the Spirit

She steals to survive and he’s a farmer’s son. An army threatens the land, enhanced by planetary energy. Both are unaware they can help defeat the army – until they learn of their connections to it.

The Stone Royalty

A prophesied hero who irrevocably damaged their destiny must find a way to right those wrongs or fade into history. Aside from that, a fallen star is made of metal – and contains a person.

March of the Moon

Trust in a venal kingdom. An army augmented by a link with the planet. It can’t possibly work out unless a hero refusing to fulfill a prophecy recognizes their worth – or the planet helps.

Character Looks

Some people who look like what I see as I write.