The Child of Time

Not everything is as it seems on Maxar.

“The Child of Time” takes place on the planet Maxar, home to some human-like inhabitants and kingdoms similar to those out of medieval history. An old prophecy speaks of a hero - destined to arise during a time of conflict - who will unite the people of the land against a grave threat and overcome it. The time of that hero is at hand, with several of the kingdoms on the verge of war with a devastatingly powerful force of ruthless rebels. While there are no fantastical creatures like dragons or elves, some of Maxar’s people can tap into a planetary energy to enhance themselves.

There are also tales of powers greater than the Gods, and beings beyond the stars...

Injury of the Spirit

“Injury of the Spirit” follows a young woman with no true home and a young man from the kingdom of Taerin. The young woman, a petty thief who never stays in one place too long, has reached a point in her life where she’d like to turn things around. The young man, in service to Taerin’s army, is struggling at coming to grips with his relationships, his duty, and his maturity. Taerin is at odds with a group of rebels known as Diazürians, and they have emerged as a force to reckon with.

The Stone Royalty

“The Stone Royalty” continues where the events of Injury of the Spirit left off, taking the people of Taerin beyond a tremendous victory over the Diazürians and into unfamiliar territory as they try to maintain the safety of the realm. Several Tiraidan agents seek to meet with the powerful but secluded rulers of the southern lands – Yoran and Jinoth – to form an alliance before the Dian Army can regroup and recover its former glory. The Diazürians, though, have some unconventional tricks up their sleeves.

March of the Moon

It is the eve of the ultimate conflict in the war for Maxar in “March of the Moon.” The rejuvenated Diazürian forces march on Taerin, while Taerin has the Child of Time on its side and has enlisted the help of Yoran and Jinoth. The cast of characters will have to face broken hearts, unexpected betrayals, and events they couldn’t have possibly anticipated. When all is said and done, everything will be resolved - but the people of Maxar will be left with an entirely different prophecy.

Character Looks

Some people who look like what I see as I write.