So what is the Guild Library?

The Guild Library is a magnificent database of humanity’s knowledge and history. It is managed by a universe-wide government called the Galactic Guild of Enforcement from its headquarters on the planet of Ur-Magad. Any citizen of the Guild can easily learn about their past in the Library – from humanity’s unexpected need to leave Earth and colonize other planets, through the war-torn times before the Guild’s existence that nearly saw humanity enslaved, to the fragile peace that has persevered after its formation.

Michael currently has two projects. They are part of the overall future history but are also their own distinct stories.

Spaceship interior.
CGI interior of a spaceship. (Image from

Fractured Children of Earth

A deeply personal story stemming from things that have happened in real life for Michael and his wife. Co-captains of a smuggling group in humanity’s distant future uncover a plot to enslave humanity. Taking action to stop it endangers their livelihoods, but doing nothing jeopardizes their dreams of retiring and starting a family. (Completed & querying, but he would never turn down a reader!)

Query blurb

Mary and Davi, spaceship co-captains, are a few deliveries away from retiring and starting a family. Just two or three more Cartel smuggling jobs, and they’ll finally be able to afford the fertility treatments to make that possible.

When a routine job goes wrong, Mary gets shot. Davi recognizes a peculiar badge on her attackers, a memory from his childhood. On his home planet, they learn Mary was intentionally wounded: Eerily human-like aliens have infiltrated planetary governments and militaries. They ambush smugglers, then use the resulting violence to justify oppressive laws. Even worse, anyone who openly opposes them ends up brainwashed into helping subjugate humanity.

Mary and Davi must alert humanity of the threat but their evidence is hearsay, they’re out of money, and they lack contacts in power. The Cartel could take action, but its members are hesitant to risk arrest for such an unbelievable story. If they can’t convince anyone to help expose the aliens, there won’t be a free universe for anyone to live in – let alone for them to start the family they desperately long for.

The Watercolor War

She stole to survive, but now sells paintings. He’s a shy city guard, hoping to fit in. An army threatens the land, enhanced by planetary energy. Both are unaware they can help defeat the army – until they learn of their connections to it. (This story is completed but he is re-outlining.)