So what is this Guild Library?

The Guild Library is a magnificent database of humanity’s knowledge and history. It is managed by a universe-wide government called the Galactic Guild of Enforcement from its headquarters on the planet of Ur-Magad. Any citizen of the Guild can easily learn about their past in the Library – from humanity’s unexpected need to leave Earth and colonize other planets, through the war-torn times before the Guild’s existence that nearly saw humanity enslaved, to the fragile peace that has persevered after its formation.

I currently have two projects. They are part of the overall future history but are also their own distinct stories.

Spaceship interior.
CGI interior of a spaceship. (Image from

Fractured Children of Earth

A deeply personal story stemming from things that have happened in real life for my wife and I. Co-captains of a smuggling group in humanity’s distant future uncover a plot to enslave humanity. Taking action to stop it endangers their livelihoods, but doing nothing jeopardizes their dreams of retiring and starting a family. (Mostly done, but I would never turn down a reader!)

Query blurb

Being deaf didn’t prevent Mary from becoming the captain of a smuggling spaceship. While infertility is a journey she and Davi, her co-captain, didn’t anticipate, she won’t let that stop them from bringing a child into their world.

For Cartel smugglers like Mary and Davi, a fragile peace among humanity’s Three Empires means skirting regulations for profit. But after a job goes horribly wrong, they uncover a shadow government linked to Davi’s complicated past – and which could tip that balance against them.

Mary and Davi must convince a reluctant Cartel to intervene and alert humanity of the threat, even though it would expose their less-than-legal business. If they fail to do so, there may not be a free universe to raise a child in.

The Watercolor War

She steals to survive and he’s a farmer’s son. An army threatens the land, enhanced by planetary energy. Both are unaware they can help defeat the army – until they learn of their connections to it. (This story is completed.)

Story sample

The sight of Mekin on the floor, effectively prone, overrode any caution Ruñe had left. Her hand closed around the dagger at her waist and she unsheathed it, like she’d been practicing earlier. The Diazürian was in the middle of an attack so she ran up and plunged the blade into his side.

He shouted and swung his leg back, trying to kick Ruñe. This caused her to rip the dagger out, and a torrent of blood came with it. Staggering back, the warrior dropped his sword. He clutched at the wound, gasping, and fell to the ground. Blood spilled from his side and pooled on the floor. Ruñe stared in horror as the man convulsed a few times, then brought her eyes down to the dagger. Its blade had a thin sheen of red, to match the rubies adorning it. A numbness spread over her body at the realization of what she’d done.

I killed someone. I’ve never killed anyone. I just killed someone.


She knelt down next to the dying man. He said nothing, only gurgled, his mouth full of blood. He would have killed Mekin, she tried to reassure herself. She removed the head wrap a little to see his face, hoping that he wouldn’t have light skin and freckles. He didn’t. Yet, the image of a young boy who did came into her mind. I didn’t kill him! she protested. He lived!


Mekin was calling to her but everything was a haze. She went back, moments earlier, where she had delivered the fatal wound to the Dian warrior. I’d have sacrificed myself to save Mekin. Despite the pain of the memory, she remembered how her father defended her mother. She remembered when the pale man prevailed, and her mother’s despair. He sacrificed himself to save my mother and I.

It didn’t matter that her father’s actions did not stop the marauder from killing her mother. That Ruñe survived through sheer luck didn’t matter, either. All that mattered was the attempt because her parents loved one another.

With a wave of warmth wrapping around her body like a snug blanket, Ruñe thought, Gods … I love him.