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The Guild Library title
The Guild Library

Michael's Stories

Kandou sketch by FluorescentWolf
A sketch of Kandou, the main character from THE WATERCOLOR WAR.

So what is this Guild Library?

The Guild Library is a magnificent database of humanity's knowledge and history. It is managed by a universe-wide government called the Galactic Guild of Enforcement from its headquarters on the planet of Ur-Magad. Any citizen of the Guild can easily learn about their past in the Library - from humanity's unexpected need to leave Earth and colonize other planets, through the war-torn times before the Guild's existence that nearly saw humanity enslaved, to the fragile peace that has persevered after its formation.

I currently have two projects. They are part of the overall future history but are also their own distinct stories.

The Watercolor War

She steals to survive and he's a farmer's son. An army threatens the land, enhanced by planetary energy. Both are unaware they can help defeat the army – until they learn of their connections to it. (This story is completed.)

The Three Empires working title

Smugglers discover that planetary governments are being infiltrated by a group of beings who seek to enslave humans. They must convince humanity to work together – even though it would mean the end of their business. (In progress: First draft done.)

Questions? Feel free to contact me using the links to my Twitter profile or email at the top or bottom of the page.