New Maxar Map

A long-overdue update.

A year or so ago, my editor was curious about the landscape of Maxar. I’ve had maps for some time but none were decent, so I drew up a new one for her to look over. The result was good enough at the time. Recently, some fellows on Twitter have showcased their work and it’s been amazing. Thanks to @MaryCWallis and @DomenicoSaridis, I was motivated to redo my main map. It was much-needed, since I’ve done some research and tweaking of the landscape. Below the image are some descriptions of the places, as well. Please let me know any comments/suggestions and such!

Pleridia map
A map from c. 340 YG of Pleridia, from Michael’s story, THE WATERCOLOR WAR

The Lost Land of Velgarn

Velgarn used to be the home of the Chraitags. It was struck by an unprecedented earthquake, however, destroying much of the land – along with all of its people.

The Isle of Alviris

After King Alviris Tirada passed in 210 his wife, Weyla Ghíron, named this uninhabited island after him.

The Cappas Mountains

A range of mountains frequently used by the Tiraidan forces for training new recruits.


A town taken by the Diazürians as part of their “port town” plot, but recovered by the Tiraidans.

Hiaten’s Point

An area north of Taerin where a person can view Lake Hiaten from a breathtaking cliff.


The capital city of Taerin, where the Tirada family has ruled for centuries.

Port Seene

A town taken by the Diazürians as part of their “port town” plot, and used to ambush the Tiraidans.


A city claiming to have been around before the Gods revealed themselves to the people of Maxar.


A town taken by the Diazürians as part of their “port town” plot, and held continually by them.


A city which agreed to a cooperation treaty with Taerin when the Diazürian threat became tangible.


The town where Mekin’s father, Gale Vellin, came from.


A town taken by the Diazürians and held against an attempt to reclaim it by a coalition of Tiraidan and Yoran forces.


A crossroads city that is under the jurisdiction of Dianova.


The capital city of the Diazürians, where the Dia lineage has resided for centuries.


A tiny fishing village that is under the jurisdiction of Yoran.


The capital city of Yoran, where the Toria family has ruled since 129.


The final city taken by the Diazürians for their “port town” plot, though an unprecedented Tiraidan force defeated them and reclaimed it.