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Tales from a future history...

With some fantasy, science fiction, and an underlying mystery.

The Guild Library is a magnificent database of humanity’s knowledge and history. It is managed by a universe-wide government called the Galactic Guild of Enforcement from its capital on the planet of Ur-Magad. Any citizen of the Guild can easily learn about their past in the Library - from humanity’s unexpected need to leave Earth and colonize other planets, through the war-torn times before the Guild’s existence that nearly saw humanity enslaved, to the fragile peace that has persevered after its formation.

Three series of stories among those archives stand out, however, each representing a different span of time and cast of characters across nearly a millennium. Despite those differences, all three are connected through the peculiar and incomparable circumstances surrounding a murder; a situation made even more unusual in that is all sparked by a Guild Investigator who finds an inside-out sock.


The Child of Time

The events in “The Child of Time” chronicle the lives of a woman and man on the planet of Maxar - to all appearances, a feudal society with no connection to the Guild or humanity at all. As the planet’s layers are exposed through the conflicts of its kingdoms, it secretly presents some of the initial parts of the mystery surrounding all of the stories. Though it is the first story, it takes place in the middle of the timeline. (This set has a completed story and a good deal of surrounding plot elements.)

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The Gaian Wars

As the earliest series in the timeline, “The Gaian Wars” covers the period of humanity’s history that leads to the creation of the Galactic Guild of Enforcement. Though humans had been unable to locate other life across the expanse of the universe, a group of beings called Gaians located them. A smuggling ring notices the subtle and dangerous plans of the Gaians then struggles to unite humanity and overcome the outside threat. (This set has a story in progress.)

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The Painted Rule

“The Painted Rule” takes place last in the timeline and weaves all of the events together - from the oddly medieval realm of Maxar to the ultra-futuristic society of humanity. Three friends plot to bring an end to tyranny on Maxar while a dedicated Investigator on Ur-Magad uncovers some overlooked information that sets the Guild’s sights on the unusual planet. Another Investigator’s laundry problems set things in motion that reveal the phenomenal sub-plot connecting everything. (This set has only been plotted out.)

About the Author

Michael V. Colianna

The skeleton for my stories began forming as early as 14 years old. I wondered what the future held for humanity, and whether we would travel into space. I idolized Isaac Asimov, Ursula K. LeGuin, and C.S. Friedman, so when I followed humanity into the future, it was a combination of science fiction and fantasy elements that trickled into the stories I uncovered.

Thank you for your time here on my site. You can read about each of the series, the stories in them, and some background details. Please don’t hestitate to contact me with any questions, comments, or feedback - I welcome it all!

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