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Welcome to the author web site of Michael V. Colianna!

Michael V. Colianna
A photo of Michael, smiling.

I'm an author, writing a mix of fantasy and science-fiction set in the distant future. My stories in either genre are grounded, focusing on the character relationships and societal changes instead of magical creatures or space battles. A current of mystery runs under them all, as well.

The skeleton for my stories began forming as early as 14 years old. I wondered what the future held for humanity, and whether we would travel into space. I idolized Isaac Asimov, Ursula K. LeGuin, and C.S. Friedman, so when I followed humanity into the future, it was a combination of science fiction and fantasy elements that trickled into the stories I uncovered.

Outside of my writing, I'm a professional web developer. I enjoy being active, engaging in bicycling, weightlifting, and running. My wife and I have been on a curious journey sparked by infertility as we try to expand our family. As well, I recently received a diagnosis of inoperable otosclerosis. So now elements of those things are finding their ways into my stories.

Thank you for your time here on my site!

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— Michael V. Colianna