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A 3/4 photograph of Michael, showing the drastic shaved portion on the right of his head, as well as a peek of his teal hair. On the wall behind him are two paintings of an artichoke and a cucumber, labeled, “Okie Dokie, Artichokie!” and “I am kind of a big dill,” respectively.

Michael writes a mix of fantasy and science-fiction set in the distant future. His stories in either genre are grounded, focusing on the character relationships and societal changes instead of magical creatures or space battles. A current of mystery runs under them all, as well.

The skeleton for Michael’s stories began forming as early as 14 years old. He wondered what the future held for humanity, and whether we would travel into space. Idolizing Ursula K. LeGuin, Isaac Asimov, and C.S. Friedman, he followed humanity into the future and a combination of science fiction/fantasy elements trickled into the resulting stories.

“Planets“ painting by Jonas Lesser (

Outside of writing, Michael is a professional web developer. He bicycles, lifts weights, and runs. He’s been running a Dungeons & Dragons campaign for over 20 years with his unruly and – let’s say imaginitive – friends. He and his wife have been on a curious journey sparked by infertility as they try to expand their family. As well, he recently received a diagnosis of inoperable otosclerosis. So now elements of those things are finding their ways into his stories, too.

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